Summer in an Ice Cream Cone

August 15, 2016

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If there is one thing I love and insist on wherever we travel, that would be ice cream. Even my family has taken to teasing me about my Ice Cream Obsession. I’m not going to lie…it may be a leaning towards obsession. But really, how could you not want ice cream when it is homemade and different in each place you go??

To me…you can learn a lot about a place by how good its ice cream is. ūüôā Especially when you’re¬†talking hand-made, freshly scooped ice cream; the kind of unique flavors you can’t find in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. Besides, going in to an ice cream shop is just plain fun.

Since Summer is coming to a close I figured there was no better way to wrap up this season¬†than by showing you bits and pieces of this summer…through the lens of ice cream cones.


IMG_1537 (1)

First off, this Key Lime Pie is representative of the things we’ve done around town this summer…Antiquinghiking in our area. This is probably my go-to ice cream shop while in the area, and there have been some other great ice cream flavors as well.


Minnesota Salted Toffee.


Rasberry Chocolate Chip.

Of course it wouldn’t be summer without a trip to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver.

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Maple Walnut Pecan Ice Cream.

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This is also where I profusely thank my cousin for letting me drag her down to Denver just to get ice cream!


This next ice cream cone was probably one of my favorites all summer; chocolate fudge swirl in a sugar cone. I loved sitting on the dock over Lake Vermillion watching the serenely calm water. Thank you too to Great Lakes Collection for the Feature!

This particular picture represents some of the traveling in the Midwest I was able to do. With friends, we traveled up along the North Shore of Lake Superior visiting Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, and Duluth. And I can’t forget the beginning of this trip starting with the Half Marathon in Waconia!

This next melty-gooey wonderfulness was cookie dough and chocolate chip from Cold Stone shared over laughter with my brother.


And more recently, all of the ice cream we ate on our East Coast Trip makes an appearance. Cape Cod, you did not disappoint!


Martha’s Vineyard maple-y goodness.¬†IMG_2594 (1)


Brewster’s Monster¬†Madness of Ice Cream. Whoppers, oreos, M&M’s, you name it.¬†IMG_1435 (1)

And ProvinceTown’s Salty Goodness after Whale Watching.


Back home in the mountains we were able to try several flavors while on our Colorado Rockies Road Trip.

Glenwood Springs’ Salted Pretzel.


And Crested Butte’s Raspberry Chip.


Although all these flavors were wonderful, I really enjoyed the places each ice cream represented as well as the people who I was able to share it with.

The small representation ice cream has is something I really love and cherish. It represents summer, family, friendships, travel, and adventure.

It really has been a wonderful summer and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Hoping you also get the chance to experience some fanciful ice cream this summer.

Your Turn! What have been your favorite ice cream flavors or shops?


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