Summer Wardrobe Staples

June 7, 2017

The weather and the ability to sleep in so far has been much-needed. There’s something pretty soul-refreshing about being able to not wake up to an alarm early in the morning and knowing that you can wake up on your own time. I realize that as a teacher, it is a huge perk to be able to have summers off, and one that I hope I never take for granted. Now that I am a teacher, I would definitely vouch for the fact that teachers really do need the summers off. If not just for R&R, but to also use for prep time for the upcoming year. I can say this, I’ve already used part of my last 10 days off to keep working through our math curriculum, because even with the time off, I want to make sure I’m prepared for the coming year! (And it is so nice to have multiple hours in the day to really dive in to next year’s curriculum.) Any other teachers out there feel the same way?

As it is summer time and the amount of time I could also spend shopping is endless, I figured I would share some of my summer time staples and go-tos, as well as some items on my wishlist.

I would also like to say, that despite many of these items are on my wishlist, I really do have a hard time buying things. Often, a clothing item will stay on my wishlist for weeks before I decide whether or not to splurge. (I really do try and look for the best deals  because I so dislike spending lots of money.) Sally summed this up perfectly in a recent post as well! Because I would prefer to not spend my entire paycheck on clothing (if I could…I probably would…), I really have grown to appreciate my clothing because I am constantly wearing the same items. When I shop, I choose only pieces I can wear many times over. My converse and jeans are definitely two of those staples.

So when it comes time for summer…I am constantly pulling these items out of my closet to wear!


I truly wear these shoes all the time. I originally bought my first pair of Converse this school year to wear on our casual Fridays with my school t-shirt and jeans, and absolutely loved them. Other teachers in the school bought a pair after I wore mine! But really, these white shoes goes with anything. They’ve been a good casual shoe to wear with just about anything. Jeans, Dresses, Shorts, you name it. There’s so much to be said about a good sturdy shoe to wear, and I can’t say enough about Converse!

Denim Shorts

I had a pair of denim shorts that I wore constantly throughout college. They were sturdy, and worked with any top. When said shorts ripped, I was pretty bummed out because that meant I was out of my favorite pair of shorts. Luckily, I had an old pair of American Eagle Skinny Jeans that I ended up cutting in to shorts. This worked well because I’ve never been a fan of how short many of the jean shorts are today. So, I was able to cut my shorts in to the length I wanted. Now, there’s more variety of length of shorts, and I’ve found a few. If investing in a new pair of shorts isn’t something that’s in your budget, I’d recommend cutting an old pair of jeans! Otherwise, these work great.

T-Shirt Dress/Light-Weight Dress

Target always seems to have a ready supply of T-Shirt Dresses. I really love my black t-shirt dress and have been able to dress it up/down. I love that I can pull it on in the morning and still look put-together. It looks good with sandals, a statement necklace or earrings, and of course (you guessed it…) Converse! A t-shirt dress is always a comfortable summer choice.


Finding the Perfect T-Shirt seems to lead me on a never-ending treasure hunt. It’s been tough to find a shirt that won’t stretch, shrink, or fade. I picked up this one in the #NSale, and love the light purple color. I also have heard great things about J. Crew’s Perfect Shirts. For now, I really love Target! (Like this one and this one with pineapple, too cute.)

Flowy Tank Top

For those really hot days, tank tops really work so well. I love my peplum tank from Anthropologie from last year (similar here), because of how light and versatile it is. It definitely makes putting on clothing quickly in the morning look good. I love some of the options out now for peplum tank tops as well!

Dressy Shorts

Because you may need more than just denim shorts, it’s good to have a pair of dressy shorts for when you go to lunch, a meeting, etc. I really love this pair I bought in Boston last summer, and they were perfect for running around Cape Cod in! Because white pretty much goes with all of my favorite shirts and tanks, these shorts have proven themselves over and over again. (Also they aren’t too see-through, a big factor for me when choosing white pants/shorts.)


I love being able to pull on my favorite sweatshirts and hoodies from college for cooler summer nights. One of my favorite hoodies is crewneck and always works well with a good baseball cap for days when I haven’t washed my hair!

With those top 7 items on my Summer Wardrobe Staples list, I know I could pretty much survive every day this summer with just those items…which is actually such a good thought! Usually those make up my carry-on items for flying as well because they’re versatile and can be worn anywhere.

Summer Wardrobe Staples:

Some of the items on my summer wish list include:

1 // An adorable Watermelon tank. I mean, how perfect for a summer picnic!

2 // This Anthropologie dress is absolutely adorable. I tried it on and was surprised by how flattering it was. (Normally every time I try on OTS tops or dresses, they don’t look so great on me.) But I loved this one!! Waiting for a sale…

3 // These J. Crew Floral shorts are classy and cute. I also loved how Carly wore them and I definitely think they scream summer!

4 // Target definitely has a wide variety of cute seasonal dresses. I really love this dress, (Although I’d probably take the top part off and wear it as a skirt.) This dress also reminds me of the red-dress dancing lady emoji.

5 // I absolutely love the floral patterns from J. Crew this season. This dress and pattern are gorgeous!

6 // And a girl can dream…but this Persifor dress is giving me all sorts of inspiration of dresses I could possibly make in the future! Summer DIY??

7 // Loving all of Tuckernuck’s Summer Arrivals, especially these stripes, statement earrings, T-Shirt Dress, and this open-back dress that gives all the European summer vibes.

What are some things on your Summer Wardrobe Wish List?

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  • I really want an OTS top! They look so cute. Currently I’m more thinking in winter terms though. I’m pretty keen to find a blanket scarf!

    • I love the Off the Shoulder! Just need to find some more that don’t make me look like I have the broadest shoulders lol. Blanket scarfs are the best! I know ModCloth has some good ones.

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