Summer Joy

June 27, 2017

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The past week has gone like a blur, full of reunions with friends, a marathon (I still am in disbelief about this!), and time at the lake. It was incredibly relaxing to spend time with dear friends and family and enjoy time outdoors. I was so relaxed I hardly realized what day it was until it was time to go! It was kind of strange that for months I was training for Grandma’s Marathon, and in less than five hours it was over and done with, almost as quickly as the rest of our time up in Northern Minnesota! I’ll be sure to share more about the marathon later, but for now, I really was hoping to share more about joy. I’ve definitely written about joy before, and you may have seen this awesome series on Joy this past Christmas! But while up North, joy was something I thought about a lot; especially in finding joy in those perfect days of summer.

Lemonade Press Blog Looking For Joy Sota Clothing Company Minnesota

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While at the lake, boating, fishing, reading in the sunshine with the sound of laughter and waves splashing the shore mixing in with the twang of country music, I was continuously reminded about how important it is to seek joy in the world. There was a point while sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner with Rascal Flatts playing in the background that I kept thinking to myself, “This is what summer should always be like.” I loved sitting there, reveling in the moment.

Lemonade Press Blog Looking for Joy Minnesota

It’s something we don’t always do enough each day. We have a tendency to take things a bit too seriously without looking for the good or joy in what is around us. But why should we really do that? Nothing good can come from over-analyzing our lives. It’s almost a growth mindset option…it’s a good time to turn our thinking around and appreciate the little moments.

Lemonade Press Blog Looking for Joy Minnesota

If you’re in a busy season of life, look at all the opportunities your busy-ness has afforded you, or the ability to participate in many different activities. If you’re going through some tough times, think about how much God could be using this situation to help you to become the person you’re meant to be. If you’re feeling stuck, instead of using the word “can’t” tack on the word, “yet.” Life is one incredible ride, and it’s up to us to look for the joy throughout each situation. Be sure to not be too serious, and allow yourself to enjoy each moment.

Lemonade Press Blog Looking for Joy

Days that you have time to relax, do. Set down your phone, go on a road trip with just a map, crack some jokes with friends, and sit outside to read a book. Give yourself the joy that you’ve been seeking.

Who knows? You may be finding that joy is a great deal easier to find each day.

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