Sweater Weather + Leopard Print

November 4, 2016

Now that it’s November, it finally feels (a bit more) like sweater weather! It was in the 80’s all last week and this week we finally have lower temps! Even Hallmark is playing Christmas Movies (Best Time of the Year!).

Normally, I’m not a leopard/animal print person, but when I saw this scarf on the dollar rack last year at Target, I bought it because, well, it was cheap, and why not spice up my wardrobe!


And it turns out, I love it! It’s been a nice, cool, statement piece and I’ve actually worn it with many other tops.


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Most of my wardrobe consists of solids and florals, so an animal print has been a nice addition. (Time to break out of my clothing comfort zone) I paired it with a sweater I picked up from Old Navy for under $15 which has been just the right amount of weight for these warmer Fall temps.




Now that it’s November, I’m certainly excited for The Holidays...Anyone else??


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