3 Things to Not Do When Taking Blog Photos

June 19, 2017

I recently invested in a new point and shoot camera, specifically for the instances of traveling and hiking where it would be better to have something other than my phone or a big bulky DSLR. I was stoked to take my new camera up to the mountains this week, and test it out on a hike.

The mountains were and are constantly beautiful. I’m always amazed by the beauty found there. I was excited to capture the beauty of the mountains, so I snapped furiously away. It was only when I was uploading my pictures on to my tablet that I realized how much I didn’t know about my new camera. Definitely made some rookie mistakes, as the pictures didn’t all fully capture what I was hoping they would! However, it was a really good lesson to learn!

Here’s a few things I learned while taking my camera out for the first few times.

1 // Always know how to use the camera before taking it outside.

I had cranked down the exposure on the camera, thinking I could then edit the heck out of the pictures and improve the lighting via Lightroom, but boy was I wrong. The pictures, even with Lightroom turned out black and the trees on the mountains look more dead than alive. The few on this post actually turned out okay! I think it goes without saying to take a camera outside and practice taking pictures before taking it out for serious photos. Know how to use the camera, exposure, aperature and all. If this means looking it up via YouTube or reading the instruction manual, the do it!

2 // Don’t shoot towards the light.

For these above pictures, I actually put them on self-timer and shot towards the sun because I wanted the backdrop of the mountains. Haha I have to laugh now because boy I feel like this is such a big rule of thumb for taking pictures. Clearly things are going to be awash when doing this! Yes, pictures do look the best in natural light, but don’t shoot directly towards the sun for blog photos (unless this is the look you’re going for!) Instead, take the photos with your back to the sun and the subject is facing the sunlight, this way you can see the subject clearly.

3 // Shoot in a Variety of Settings.

This doesn’t necessarily mean to only shoot outside on the same deck, once again facing the sun, (whoops), but rather shoot outside on the deck, under the awning, next to the door, and walking up the steps. You never know what photos you will like best, but if you have more options of blog photos to use, the better off you’ll be!

I realize these are a few (maybe obvious) tips that many already take in to effect during blog photography, but nevertheless are a few things I’ve been learning the hard way! I have to laugh because I sometimes have this perfect image of what my blog photos should look like, and then when I actually take the photos, they don’t always turn out the best, mainly because I haven’t experimented enough with my device. But, in the same token, one of the best ways to learn is from making mistakes, and if I can share a few mistakes with you, maybe it will also help you in the future!

What are some things you’ve learned with your blog photography?

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