The Best Vests For Fall

October 29, 2017

This Fall has flown by! Looking back, I’ve loved that each weekend this Fall has brought about something new and it feels like one of the Fullest Falls in a while. I’ve loved being able to get outside and be in the fall foliage for a time or two this season.

One of the pieces in my wardrobe I continuously gravitate to are vests. This was one of my favorite items on my Fall Lookbook because of its versatility and ability to keep you warm. It doesn’t really matter the weather or season, a vest always seems to fit the bill of providing comfort and layers, and let’s be real-pockets.

Lately I’ve been pairing vests with long-sleeved cotton dresses or over my new favorite denim skirt for work. I also love some of the athletic vests that I like to transition to Ski Season.

Although I don’t like to pay too much money for clothes, Patagonia makes great-quality vests that are timeless and classic. Those vests have kept me warmer than some of the cheaper vests, and I love how I can easily layer a jacket over the vest without feeling too “poofy” from the quilted vests.

When we were in Minnesota for a wedding, a vest was perfect for the beautiful foggy days at the beginning of October. There’s nothing quite as dreamy as fog rolling over the lake, reflecting the colors of the season. 

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  • Kim

    Eeep vests are one of my favorite things to wear for fall! I love Patagonia. Their clothes are a bit expensive but great quality! Great post!

  • I love vests as well!! They’re the perfect extra layer to stay a little bit warmer! I really want to get Patagonia’s caramel-colored fuzzy one! Old Navy has great vests for cheap as well!

    Meghan |

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