The Relaxing Days of Winter + The Cutest Pair of Glasses

January 16, 2017


The weather has been so off lately, that most of the time, I just want to sit in front of the fire and relax! The weekends are the best for sipping a cup of hot chocolate or tea and watching a continuous stream of chick-flicks. Besides my usual staples of sitting in front of the fire in leggings on these weekends, I have loved wearing my glasses around the house. Being a day-to-day contact wearer, my eyes are often dry during the Winter with the air outside being so dry, so I have loved every chance I’ve gotten to wear my glasses and give my eyes a break.

Recently, sent me the cutest pair of prescription glasses. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and fit well! I chose the Hyannis Rectangle in Blue pair. I love the way they fit my head and the bit of blue in the frame isn’t too overpowering but rather brings out the blues in my eyes.

IMG_2751[1] offers affordable eyeglasses options for glasses wearers. On their website, you can choose the glasses frames which you like best (the options are endless), and the company will fill them with your prescription.


I have been doing some exploring on, and I also LOVE their options for prescription sunglasses. My personal favorite sunglasses are the “Bowling Wayfarer“. Each of the options are chic and stylish, and I guarantee there’s a good fit for anyone! If you’re hesitant about guaranteeing a good fit for you, there’s an option to “try on” any pair of glasses by uploading a picture of yourself or trying on a pair of glasses with a model who has similar facial features as your own.


If you are interested in trying out your own pair of eyeglasses, glasses frames, or prescription sunglasses, I would highly recommend! You can now use the code: GSHOT50 for an additional 50% off. This means you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, (not including frames on sale).


Let me know if you choose a pair! I’d love to see which cute pair you choose!








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