The Simple Truth

March 9, 2016



Walking in to ______ restaurant last week, I was excited to finally eat after a long day. I was hungry, tired, and ready to eat. However, I soon realized what I wanted to eat was not going to be easy for me to convey. There were so many options as to how my meal was prepared. Did I want the mustard on the side? How about extra olives? What about making it a meal or adding an additional side? So many decisions in one infinitesimal moment. In the course of five minutes I had made ten different decisions not including whether I’d like my receipt printed or emailed to me. {Disclaimer: I did not mind making these decisions, and I thoroughly enjoy this restaurant.}

And throughout my meal-decision process, I couldn’t help but wonder like my meal, how often do we make these tiny little decisions, each one affecting the future in front of us? How much do we even recognize those tiny little decisions?

And then…how often do we wish things were simplified?

When life gets rough, we are so keenly aware of every little decision. It’s kind of like creating the perfect meal. Every decision has to work together. We wish that things were simplified, answers laid out clearly before us.

So what do we do when life gets rough? We seek out ways or people to help us make those decisions, to simplify our decisions. We hope everything works out well, and we are hesitant to take the plunge. However, when we are feeling good about life, we feel confident and quickly come to decisions.

What if, no matter what, we slowed down and left those decisions to God? Leave your decisions to God and give it all to Him? How much simpler would it be?

Food for thought this week. 🙂


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