These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Right Now)

September 4, 2017

As what seems to be a trend in our world today, I have found myself too hooked on what is going on online. Too involved in what is going on inside myself without realizing how it was affecting me.

After feeling a bit down a few weeks ago, and trying to figure out why, I quickly realized I needed to start to do more of what makes me happy. What makes me, me, instead of worrying about what’s happening on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat.

Lately, I’ve been so wrapped up in what this blog looks like from the outside. I have genuinely been worried about how many likes, comments, and interactions this space receives, as well as that darn Instagram theme. I’m not really sure about how this Instagram algorithm works, but all I can say is that I’ve probably spent too much time worrying about it.

And then I really got to thinking…is this really the kind of blog that shows off who I am?

I keep thinking back to the reasons why I started blogging. And truthfully, this blog has such a sweet foundation: A blog about family, friends, experiences, turning sour into sweet times, and sharing about faith.

So many components of me that I feel joyful talking about.

I’m not sure when the point was when we moved past blogging about life and what makes us, us, but I’m bummed that I’ve been so worried about how I appear on social media. That’s really quite silly, because in the end, all that matters is life and how we chose to live it.

So here’s been some things I’ve been genuinely so happy about lately, things that have made me smile and feel like myself. Maybe you share in a few of these, and I’d love to hear as well what has made you happy lately, too!

The hours spent on the phone with dear friends

Amazingly enough, I used to hate talking on the phone with people. Now I would gladly spend an hour or two catching up with dear friends. Thank you lovely people for letting me spend time with you for an hour and for spilling about life and dreams and hopes and confusion of being a millennial in a world where we only want happiness and peace and joy and life and love. (Too much? But eh, so true)

Celebrating birthdays with so many sweet new friends

After moving back home after college, I prayed for dear friends here, and I can’t thank God enough for sweet, kind people to fill our lives. Even if that means golfing until our arms hurt.

The music I’ve grown up listening to

Sometimes I think I’ve reverted to only listening to Christian music, but I’m learning to find God in so many other places. Fleetwood Mac has been on constantly and the ripples of sweet tunes fill the air as I’ve worked in the evenings, reminding me of the tunes of ski season and venturing throughout Colorado. I’ve also been reverting back to my original love for Coldplay, which was the theme music I listened to constantly through college. (That and Bon Iver.)

Putting down the phone in the evening and reading

I’m a bit embarassed by how many evenings I’ve fallen asleep with my phone in my hand, or the light of the screen being the last thing I see before falling asleep. I know deep down it’s not healthy, so I’ve decided to stop. And seriously, you can get through so much more reading when you put down the phone! I’ve also noticed I sleep so much better when I put down the phone way before bed.

Running and working out for fun

Without the schedule of a marathon training season ahead, I’m on a role with working out and finding new ways of exercising. I’m loving golfing, running for fun, and working out to some new tunes. I’m hoping to try out a new yoga studio soon.

Shutting off the devices

Gosh I can’t even begin to describe how much happier I’ve been since turning off the notifications on my phone and just being present. I keep on messaging and phone calls for obvious reasons, but I love just setting down my phone and being present. Sheesh, what a concept! I even deleted Twitter off my iPad and logged out of some apps just so I’m more present.

Not worrying so much about what I’m wearing

I love what I wear. I seriously love shopping too. And when I start to judge myself by what others are wearing on Instagram, I really start to go crazy. Kind of stupid, but really, Instagram should be a place of inspiration, not jealousy or judgment. Thus, I’m starting to really appreciate what I love to wear and not just stick with one specific style of clothing, but rather wear what makes me happy.

Blog more

I’ve LOVED shooting pictures, planning posts and just reading blogs. Before social media, there was this blogging platform, dedicated solely to writing posts, and I’ve loved getting back to it, doing what I originally intended to do on here-write blog posts that inspire.


Besides decorating my room, I’ve so enjoyed decorating my classroom. I have alternative seating in my classroom, so I only have 6 traditional desks for my students, and I have loved designing the classroom to fit two armchairs, dry-erase table tops with stools and a variety of seating. It has been a joy to decorate and even more to see their reactions to the seating.


I’ve loved coming back to teaching after a summer away. I love being back in the groove of planning out lessons, bringing joy and enthusiasm each day to the classroom.

Uplift others more

I think the best thing you can do for yourself, and for others, is to offer uplifting comments and praises. Deep down, we all want to hear compliments, especially compliments where someone has taken the time to get to really know you or listen. I really love hearing people’s voices come out, especially on blogs, and I’d love to spread more enthusiasm and “comment love” on someone’s piece of work.

There are so many things that I’ve found to be enjoyable lately, especially little moments that makes life all the sweeter.

So tell me, what are some sweet moments you’ve had lately? What have you enjoyed most about life?

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