Things I have come to realize

July 29, 2015

This past weekend, Dad put up some pretty magical “fairy” lights around our deck out back. They are so magical and peaceful, and make sitting outside in the evenings a real treat.

Maybe it’s the relaxing vibes being out there or the cool night air, but it has gotten me thinking…and it’s gotten me thinking about one big concept…LOVE.

First of all, I think we’ve all been in the position where we’ve either fought with someone we love or are close to, or have had to say goodbye to a person near and dear to us. Sometimes those moments are awful, heart-wrenching, or just plain sad and tearful. Even moments when you may find out the truth you didn’t want to hear, or hear bad news. In those moments, we are often quick to wish the situation away. We’d prefer anything else to deal with instead of this tough news or situation. I know I’ve been there, wishing things weren’t true, and in reality, it’s the natural human reaction.

I know I’ve also questioned why those moments happen in life…and here’s what I’ve come to the conclusion of…

The reality is that being attached to people is bound to cause you pain at some point. It’s almost inevitable.

It’s what we get for living life in this almost fragile world.

However, that’s what Love is.

Love is loving someone no matter the time or circumstance.

Love listens in the hardest of times, opens up a hand, and helps a friend.

Love never lets us go and is patient and enduring.

Love shows it is here to stay, and that in the end, Love wins.

Love is that force that keeps us going in the tough times when we feel like we are about to sink. It lifts us up and whispers in our ear, “I’m here to stay.”

And even though we may have times when Love seems to be putting us through a great deal of hurt and sting, it’s still there pulling us through.

Love is what binds us together. It is the gift God has given us on the earth. That we may love and be loved.

And even though we may feel the pain of love, I can guarantee that it will be worth it. Because Love pulls us through.

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