Waiting For Winter + LL Bean Sale Favorites

November 11, 2017

This past week was filled with some chilly temperatures that were just what the Doctor ordered. No joke, I live for this time of year. I love being able to bundle up and layer in my coziest sweaters. After living in Iowa for college and enduring cold midwest winters (I know my Midwest friends are probably laughing at me lol), being back in Colorado makes Winter quite bearable. Colorado certainly has a way of giving you just what you need in the Winter: snow in the mountains for skiing as well as beautiful bluebird (blue sky) days in the powder, all at the same time as snow and sun in the city. The phrase, “Wait an hour, the weather will change,” continues to ring true in Colorado.

A few weekends ago, I headed up to Breckenridge for the day with a dear friend. We drove around quite a bit and explored the area. The best part about the day was the mountain tops were just beginning to be covered in snow and you could see snowflakes falling on the town of Breckenridge. Pretty magical!

There are days when I definitely need those mountain retreats, or time just to be still and think. Whether you drive to a small town or the mountains or the ocean or rolling hills, there always seems to be relief that comes with finding a place of comfort to head to. I hope you get the opportunity to take time for yourself to just rest and find that retreat.

Anorak // Hat // Striped Shirt (Similar) // Jeans (Similar) // Converse

I also loved that I could take some layers with me up to the mountains after the week had been a bit of a warm one in the city. I picked up this anorak from L.L. Bean when it was on sale a while ago, and absolutely love it. I saw Carly wearing it on her blog, and went to the L.L. Bean store to try it on. Definitely a classic keeper!

I love that so many of the L.L. Bean Styles have stayed consistent over the years. I know my parents owned their fair share of L.L. Bean pullovers when I was a kid, and they donned my brother and I in just as many zip-ups. (Anyone else have a 90’s statement pullover with the snap buttons and fleece??) I actually fondly remember poring over L.L. Bean catalogs each Christmas season to pick out a pair of Pajamas for my brother and myself, as that was our holiday traditional gift. Amazing how you can have so many fond memories paired with one company!

So when I saw this anorak, the colors and style definitely reminded me of those days, and truthfully I’m so happy this seems to be an “in” style all over again. Nothing quite like comfort and time to create new memories!

This weekend, L.L. Bean is having a 25% off sale, just in time for the holidays! (Use code 25OFF at Checkout) Even though it may be before Black Friday, I still wanted to share this sale, as I do believe in the quality of the company and the classic, timeless look of the pieces. It’s a pretty good time to stock up on some pieces before the rush of Black Friday! And since L.L. Bean lasts so long, it definitely makes for some pretty wonderful and classic gifts.

You may have seen me wear my Fisherman sweater earlier on the blog, which is always an L.L. Bean favorite, and the sweater is on sale! It runs a bit small, so I would recommend sizing up.

I also appreciate how warm each of their winter wear items are. While the anorak is for more fall weather, this pullover looks SO cozy and comfortable, as well as this sweater.

Each of these items definitely has me eagerly waiting for winter!

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