We Are All the Same

November 15, 2016


This weekend, I had the privilege of flying with my family to spend time with my brother up at his school in North Dakota. It was so wonderful spending a whirlwind of not quite 24 hours up in Grand Forks. While we were there we were able to catch up and spend time around town and spend quality time as a family.

It was while we were on the return flight home I kept thinking about this past week. The election seems to have illuminated division in the country and has cast the spotlight on conflict, doubt, and frustration. This full force of negativity has certainly been sad to see.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking about this election. It was definitely something that occupied my thoughts frequently, especially on the plane ride home.

As we were flying over the vast stretches of land and farms in North Dakota, looking down on farmer’s livelihoods and the cars driving on the highways, I was struck by a few thoughts.

The first, the realization of how truly small we are on this Earth. We are only a tiny portion of the planet we occupy. and really, our problems aren’t all that big.

And the second is that, we are all the same.

It’s rather a funny concept, but makes sense.

There is so much turmoil in the world we often forget some of the utterly human, underlying characteristics about ourselves.

We all want the same things in life.

We want to be safe. We want to feel loved. We desire to know others as well as to have friendship present in our lives.

We desire to understand things, make sense of events.

We want to be understood. We want to know our place on Earth. We want to be cared for. We want food, shelter, inner peace.

We hope for the future, and we become passionate about what we believe in.

Each one of us possesses a heart capable of love. We have the power to speak up for ourselves and we have the strength to keep on going.

Whether or not we choose to treat our lives in that matter is also up to us.

My point is that we are all the same. We are much more similar than we give ourselves credit for.

And really, there isn’t too much that actually divides us when it comes down to it. Just our own human spirit.


It’s pretty amazing to think about. We really aren’t all that different.

We are all Human.

Your Turn! Have there been any positive stories or thoughts that have kept you going this past week?


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