We Have To Be Sad?!

April 7, 2016


Last weekend, I happened to catch the last hour of the Pixar movie, Inside Out, about the emotions and feelings who control a girl living with Depression. If you have never seen this movie, it is an amazingly creative film which puts the science of mental illness in to a way for younger generations to understand. I was intrigued by the use of the different emotions as they run all over the young girls’ brain, fetching memories, catching rides on the literal “train of thought”, and talking it out with Joy, Sadness, and Imaginary Friends to name a few.

The part which struck me was the comparison of feelings working together. Sadness and Joy teamed up to help the young girl find happiness from pain. Although this movie is intended for younger audiences, I think the message still speaks strongly to every age as well.

Sometimes we have to endure Sadness in order to reap the rewards of Joy.

Let’s look at it this way: maybe the pitfalls are a bit bigger as an adult than as a child. Losing a job. Not being able to find success in a relationship. Lost friendships. However, on the flip side, the gains could be so much bigger than when we are a child. Buying a house. Getting married. Having children. Traveling.

And with all those moments come the pain of loss or hardship and the appreciation of happiness.

If we didn’t have sadness and tough times, how would we know what happiness and joy look like? Aren’t those moments we hold on to the ones where we worked so hard to finally find the joy in life?

Without problems, we wouldn’t have solutions. We may not be able to find a way to figure out what makes us happy.

And although this idea may not justify why we must endure hardship–to me, it makes it easier to understand.

We are strong.

Each and every one of us have endured something in this life to make us who we are today. I can almost guarantee we didn’t get to this point just by being happy. So maybe we do have to be sad.

So if you’re fighting it out, keep on working. You’ve Got This. Besides, there’s a light of Joy in the future, and maybe some emotion of happiness and peace in your mind that’s ready to take hold.

I believe in you.



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