Weekend Re-Cap

March 7, 2016

Happy Monday! And happy March 7! Holy Mackerel. I for one cannot believe how quickly this year is going by. Our weekend was packed with so many Colorado-an things to do. It was the kind of dream-Colorado Love Weekend any native enjoys. I was amazed at how quickly and filling our three day weekend was. Because of end of trimester conferences at school, I had Friday off-an extra day to adventure!

We spent Friday with a family friend who had flown out from Minnesota to ski, up at Winter Park! It was absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect moguls, and not many people up at Winter Park/Mary Jane.



It was a very full day of continuous skiing and it certainly left this mogul-loving girl full to the brim.

Saturday began with a quick stop to walk the stairs and enjoy the visitor’s museum at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. If you haven’t been to the Visitor’s Center and Museum at the Park, it is well worth the visit. In the museum, you can see charts of every performer at the park in its history as well as see highlights of some of the park’s favourite guests.


My brother and my favorite music growing up was that of John Denver. We loved listening to his country hymns about our home. Pretty great to see him memorialized at the park.


Following Red Rocks, we did the very touristy thing and took the free tour of Coors in Golden before driving the Lariat Loop back home. Having never toured Coors before, it was quite the experience! Highly recommended too. There is quite a rich history of Coors, a company in Golden, Colorado. The founder, Adolph Coors, was originally in the bottling industry in Colorado and decided he wanted to be in the beer-making business instead. So he set out looking for the best and freshest water source, which he found in Golden. At the time, Colorado School of Mines was being established in the same city. Around this time, Golden was in the running to be the capitol of Colorado before Colorado’s formation as a state. It lost to Denver by one vote. Before it lost, Golden had been the capitol of the territory of Colorado before it was established as a state in 1876.



The pictures are a little deceiving because of the clouds, however it was in the upper 60’s most of the day!

I later made the journey back up the mountains to see an old and very dear friend in Silverthorne, Colorado.




The drive was gorgeous and it was wonderful to connect with an old friend.

On Sunday morning, we ventured to Red Rocks once again to exercise. Red Rocks offers quite a great place to challenge yourself by running the steps, hiking, or doing various workouts using the natural gym that is the amphitheater. It’s quite the challenging workout!


It was certainly an adventure-filled, Colorado-Loving Weekend!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Sending best wishes your way for a terrific week!


Have you ever tried running Red Rocks? Any other great workouts you’ve tried that have been just as challenging or beneficial?

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