Weekend Recap

July 26, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend recap, but since this summer seems to be passing by in a blur and each weekend has been filled with so much to do, I may as well document all that has happened!

I just dropped one of my best friends off at the airport from a whirlwind week of adventure. The trip happened to fall on my 24th birthday, and it couldn’t have been better timing to have her out here! If you’re a long-time reader you may remember my thoughts on my birthday which you can read here. In short, I’ve always had such mixed emotions on my birthday. For starters, I’m slightly indecisive and choosing one or two things to do to celebrate, I’m more worried about making sure everyone else is okay with doing those things as well. Silly, right?!

This year we did so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! I love being in Colorado and having time to explore and adventure in the mountains. Besides exploring and adventuring, it was wonderful to have so much conversation and laughter fill the week and have Jenny out! Jenny is one of my best friends from college. We happened to share the bottom floor of our house Senior year of college as well as two memorable summers working at the same camp.


Jenny and I headed up to the mountains to visit the camp we had worked at several years ago for two summers mid-day on Thursday. We were thrilled to be up in the mountains, visiting with the people up there. As we headed up the mountain we grabbed Human Bean coffee per tradition. It’s the kind of coffee that you dream about. (How cute is the name, Human Bean?!) We headed up the mountains to gorgeous views. There’s something so freeing about being at the higher altitudes away from the city and cell service.

We laughed, joked around, ate meals, and celebrated the evening with a bonfire and s’mores. There is nothing quite better than chocolate oozing over graham crackers and marshmallows paired with conversation.

Besides S’mores, we also saw a bear that evening!! My preface for this bear is that the two summers we worked up at camp there were bear sightings every.single.day. And somehow I managed to avoid every single bear sighting. So I finally saw a bear!! If you can tell through this very blurry photo below, the bear was seen between two of the camp vehicles. Nickname: Paddington.


We were so sad to leave camp and the people there. Especially because every time we visit there’s always stories to be told and memories to be re-lived. We spent our day in Fort Collins, Colorado after coming down the mountain, so of course we had to make stop number 2 at the Human Bean (I honestly didn’t take any pictures of my coffee as I was just so excited to drink it) as well as a stop by O’Dell’s Brewing in town. I had never been, but it was so worth it!


We picked up Ryan and headed Stand Up Paddle Boarding back in the hometown. If you haven’t seen my Insta lately, SUP-ing has become one of my new favorite summer activities and was so happy to be doing it with Ryan and Jenny. I’m seriously considering investing in my own SUPboard because by the time I rent one four times during the summer, I may as well have bought one on my own. Anyone own a Paddle board? Any thoughts on good brands?

Saturday night we ventured in to town to go to a Hoedown. Let’s just say the crowd wasn’t what we expected, but we still had a good time!

I am pretty dang grateful for these two and the rest of our college friends. Also couldn’t resist throwing this picture in…


We headed up to Golden, Colorado to tour Coors. However, when we got there, the line was 1.5 hours long and we decided to forgo the tour for sushi instead. Always choose the sushi.

Dinner consisted of Breckenridge Brewery with Ryan and Jenny as well as my parents and dear family friends, and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening or end to the weekend!

What did you enjoy about this weekend??

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  • Human bean is such a great coffee shop name! I think half the fun of owning a coffee shop would be coming up with a fun name for it. Omg seeing a bear would terrify me! Cause they seem all cute and fuzzy but they are also very fierce eep.
    This looked like such a great weekend!

    • It’s the cutest name for the coffee shop! I’m the same way with bears…I was nervous to see one, but it ended up being so cute! Then thankfully ran away lol.

  • Jenny

    Love this!!

  • Oh I love paddle boarding. Looks like such a fun weekend. 🙂


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