Whale-Hello There!

August 5, 2016


Whale Watching

It was an over-WHALE-mingly amazing day going Whale Watching on Cape Cod! {The coolest thing ever! Thank you, Jenny!}

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it was to spend the day watching whales.

We took the ferry out from Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Provincetown, MA

The Ferry took us out of Cape Cod Bay in to the Atlantic Ocean. From the beginning, the whales were incredibly active, and we were told by the tour guide it was one of the most active weeks for whale watching this summer!

Provincetown Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Provincetown

Whales are such majestic creatures. Absolutely colossal, and incredibly beautiful.

Whale Watching!

Majestic Whales in the Atlantic

We ended up sailing out to an area where the whales were especially active. They were swimming in pods and surfacing in the water, mouth first so that they could feed. This is called a Bubble Net. Here’s a better video to show what this process looks like!

Pod of Whales

It was amazing to see them surface, mouths open wide, and realize how truly large they are.

Whales up Close!

We did see one whale breach from a distance! I wasn’t able to capture that, but here is a video to show what it looks like.

No trip would be complete without a whale-y cool selfie! {As well as all the whale puns}

Whale-y Cool Selfie

Whale Watching!

Whale Watching in Provincetown

We whale-y couldn’t have asked for a better day to watch these beautiful creatures.

If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend whale watching. It is something you most certainly whale not forget!



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