What I Loved This Week

February 17, 2017

This week went by so quickly, it felt like I hardly had a minute to sit down and figure things out. As I’m typing this I’m packing up to head out of town for the weekend to help a friend wedding dress shop and I couldn’t be more excited! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for some stories throughout the weekend.

Here’s a few highlights from the week:

1 // I am loving all of the peplum, and especially poplin tops out there. Especially this one from Madewell. Aren’t the sleeves just too cute?? I also LOVE these bell sleeves in the blush. Too cute.

2 // These Quinoa-Stuffed peppers are at the top of my list right now to make! Hannah has such a wonderful recipe for these!

3 // This list on How to Build an Online Community from Alexa. I’ve loved the blogging community I’m a part of across blogs and social media. Being apart of one has made such a huge difference. Some good words of advice on LifeShuffled!

4 // Make EveryDay Galentine’s Day with more ideas from Amelie about things to do to celebrate Galentine’s Day. 

5 // Kelsey’s List of January Favorites. I appreciate her Target items and staples in your closet! She’s got a great list of all things!

6 // Fighting Homesickness in College. Alyssa has a wonderful list about fighting homesickness, something I think many have and are going through.

7 // Skiing is the best and Katie talks all about taking a skiing/snowboarding trip. This is something I can definitely relate to!

8 // Purses are where we end up storing so many things, and Emily shares all the secrets of her purse as well as some of her favorite lipsticks.

9 // Traveling Through London is definitely something on my bucket list, especially after reading Erin’s post on her day in London!

10 // Competition is something that comes naturally in the blog-o-sphere, and Megan nails this topic right on it’s head!

So excited that it’s the Weekend!! What’s something you’re looking forward to this weekend??

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