What I’ve Loved This Week

August 5, 2017

Happy Weekend! It’s been a full Saturday already, and it’s just getting started! From walking around the outside Parisian Market to the County Fair, there’s nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of August before school starts.

Here’s a culmination of my favorite links from this week.

What I’ve Loved This Week

1 // A clothing company to vanquish women’s fashion fears. I seriously love the motto of this company and was drawn to the fact that they are determined to make sure women feel loved and well-dressed. Dia & Co. is a brand designed to build women’s confidence in the way they dress by sending them a box of curated looks to their front doorstep. I love their motto and mission! Dia, you are wonderful!

2 // One of my favorite summer television shows is, “Outdaughtered” on TLC. I love following along with the family and I appreciate how kind and supportive the family network is of each other. You can follow along on their family blog!

3 // Ever feel down from the stories you see on the news each day? This article puts a twist on that, and how to use that bad news to make your day even better. Definitely some things I think many of us can relate to.

4 // I feel like we’re constantly hearing about Instagram and the Algorithm, and I would by lying if I said it wasn’t driving me a little bit nuts. Anyone else? Here’s a good take on how to handle that feeling.

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What’s something you’ve loved this week?

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