What I’ve Loved This Week

September 16, 2017

Happy Saturday friends!

It’s finally cooler here and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Every time around this year, I feel like watching “You’ve Got Mail” just to see the first scene of the movie when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are talking about the freshness of Fall and buying a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils…anyone else?

I’m also so ready to go see the leaves change in the Upper Mountain Country…hopefully this weekend?? I’ve been perusing all my Fall Posts from last year, and it’s getting me antsy to embrace all of the colors of the season and see the beautiful picture of the mountains in the Fall.

But in all seriousness, this week has been a long one, and I’m looking forward to the London Fog Latte I just made myself (Actually so easy to make: Early Grey Tea, hot water, frothed milk, a splash of vanilla), and I’m powering through things on my to-do list.

So here’s what I’ve loved this week:

1 // This article on the Pros and Cons of Blogging definitely had me nodding along and agreeing with so many things! (Living in Yellow)

2 // I’ve been loving so many home design articles lately, and this one had me thinking about some design concepts. (Apartment Therapy)

3 // I really appreciate those blog posts that bring about a dose of honesty and reality and Julia always remains so open and honest. (Lemon Stripes)

4 // Did you hear??? Chip and Jo are coming out with a collab with Target!!! I cannot wait to see what all is in their line. (Target)

5 // Speaking of Target, this vest caught my eye this week, and is a knock-off of the popular Sherpa J-Crew Excursion Vest or Patagonia Sherpa Vest. Quite a win! (Target)

6 // If you’re taking a roadtrip soon or even just a short day trip, here are a few sweet questions to ask your friend or Significant Other to learn more about them and break up the trip. (Hugs & Lattes)

7 // Finding this list of WordPress Plugins was a relief actually, so many things I had been looking for, for my blog! (You Baby Me Mummy)

8 // This post is from this summer, but I’ve had Mackenzie’s family history of Nantucket bookmarked for a while. It’s so fun to read a little history about a place! (Design Darling)

9 // And speaking of “You’ve Got Mail”, Nora Ephron writes about some doughnut stops in New York City. I love her writing, and this article is quite fun to read. (New Yorker)

10 // As soon as I heard about Instagram listening to you, I quickly changed the settings on my iPhone, and you may want to as well! (Medium)

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Have a Marvelous Weekend!

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