What I’ve Loved This Week

October 15, 2017

This has been one of those posts that I’ve been filling up my Bookmarks Bar with for a while. Don’t you just love it when what you find on the internet inspires or pushes you to really think about the world?? There are some seriously talented Bloggers out there, y’all, and I’m always so impressed by what I find.

What I’ve Loved This Week

1 // I love the three little words in Rachel’s postLittle by Little. Sometimes we get swallowed up in all that we could accomplish while we forget what is reasonable. It’s okay to take small steps and allow ourselves to keep working on our lives Little by Little. (This Beautiful Season)

2 // Libby’s post is such a good reminder to remember to lighten up every now and then, remembering that humor is such a good gift. (The Propriety Girl)

3 // Do you ever feel like you’ve been a bit inundated with so much wise info during a Sermon? Well, Mandy breaks down some easy ways to get more out of a Sermon. (A Girl, Obsessed)

4 // This Icelandic Elopement is one for the books. A simply beautiful ceremony in a tremendous setting. Anyone else want to go to Iceland with me?? (Niamh Marie)

5 // Ever struggle to find ways to pay it forward? Mandy has a wonderful list of ways that you can pay it forward as a blogger and make a difference. (A Girl, Obsessed)

6 // Amanda discusses how to wait out a period of waiting, especially when answers are nowhere to be found. This post is relatable in so many different ways, especially when you’re not sure which direction to take in life! (Blithesome Brunette)

7 // Any kind of good book list is always welcome, and this one may just have you finding another good book to read curled up with a cup of hot apple cider. (The Cozie)

8 // I’ve been bookmarking so many articles by Rebecca lately, because her posts are so sweet and honest. I appreciate that her writing always makes readers think. This one is about “4 Reasons Why Relaxation is Productive.” (Bloomly)

Other Links I’ve Loved:

1 // I have started the process of transitioning to a capsule wardrobe and so far am loving it! Mostly for it’s simplicity, the capsule wardrobe gives you the ability to fully utilize your wardrobe. I’ve been using Un-Fancy’s Printable Wardrobe Planner, and inspo from Cotton Stem, which I’ll be sharing more soon!

2 // Finding an easier way around cooking is always welcome. I’m hoping to try one of these recipes soon! (College Prepster)

3 // The Tuckernuck Fall line gives all the feels, especially this adorable top and Monogrammed Boat Tote.

4 // I’m excited for the L’Occitane x Rifle Paper Company Collab!

What Links have You Loved This Week?

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  • I always love a good round-up post since I’ve been a huge fan of reading blogs for years and years 🙂 So many good ones here that I’m hopping over to right now!

    Also, I do my own version of a capsule wardrobe (aka, less strict on the rules and just stuck to the idea of changing out my clothes seasonally and learning to only have a small portion of my wardrobe out at a time), and I don’t think I’ll ever go back! It was especially an important thing for me to try when my size was transitioning all over the place every other month due to pregnancy then postpartum dressing and then weight loss, etc. Picking out the pieces that looked good RIGHT THEN saved me a lot of stress and frustration in the mornings. Good luck on yours! Make sure to give us a peek at what you choose 🙂

    • That’s SUCH a good idea. I’ve been playing around with the idea of a capsule and love the fact that it’s so simple. Thank you so much!

  • Aww thank you so much for including me in this! You’re awesome. 🙂

    • Thank you for your wonderful post! I love reading through your blog, girly!! 🙂

  • Kim

    Little by little. I LIVE by that mantra otherwise I would feel so overwhelmed with everything in life! I love Tuckernuck but haven’t bought anything yet! The top you linked is cute though!

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