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What I’ve Loved This Week

January 7, 2018

Happy First Weekend of 2018!

I have no idea where 2017 went to. It truly flew by and so has this first week of the New Year. I was home all week since we don’t go back to school until this Monday, and having time to sleep in, work on blog posts, read, watch more Christmas movies, and get some errand-y stuff done was the best. It’s amazing how much you can do when you have a whole day of no plans.

Here’s a few things I’ve loved this week!

1 // Best Mannered of 2017: The National League of Junior Cotillions named the “Ten Best-Mannered People of 2017” in a list which includes some pretty terrific role models and public figures who have gone above and beyond.

2 // I truly had no idea what the FOHR card was until I kept seeing mention of it in Instagram stories awhile back. I’m so happy I saw it, because after looking in to it further, I realized the benefit of this! It’s a site that tracks your authenticity on social media (aka looking for real people who are following you and interacting with you on social media). The data collected from your social media site and website is then transcribed and put in to charts, which companies can then easily see in order to see how good of a fit you are to work with their company. I really am loving this so far and I appreciate that it encourages authenticity online. It was encouraging to me, as I know sometimes social media can really get us down. Amanda explains this all so well in her post!

3 // When you’re feeling like you’re in a blogging rut, Mandy has some wonderful ideas of what you can write about!

4 // This is a post I’ve saved for a while to share, and I really appreciated Alexa’s honesty and truth about the list of things that we don’t talk about. It’s definitely made me think about how I approach conversations with people, and what are appropriate topics of conversation with others.

5 // In case you haven’t heard, Katie and I are starting a Blogging Book Club for 2018! There’s already a great group of gals who have joined and we’d LOVE to have you! You can find more information on the above post or join our Good Reads Group.

6 // This video and duo is phenomenal. I’ve been slightly obsessed at this rendition!

Shopping Favorites:

I’ve been trying to limit my spending this year, SO these items will probably be hanging out in my shopping cart until a sale pops up! However, there’s some great pieces which I’m trying to convince myself would be an investment this year. But New Year’s Goals are New Year’s Goals…(Be tuned for a post next week for a few of my favorite purchases of 2017!)

What are some things you’ve loved this week??


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