What I’ve Loved This Week

January 21, 2017

1 // Creating Better Friendships?!?

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I clicked on this link earlier this week, however, this post by Stephanie May Wilson really struck a chord for me. Her point is absolutely true and I think it is definitely something to keep in mind!

2 // Have you seen the latest posts on Tribe21??

One of my posts on “Ways to Beat the Winter Slump” went live this week! Tribe21 has been such an awesome movement to provide support for the 21st century gal. You can read more about this group here on Faith’s blog, Life With Faith! (Also such a wonderful blogger.)

3 // SHOP Tab

There’s a new Shop Tab on LemonadePress, meaning now you can shop any of my Instagrams or Blog Posts! I’ll keep this updated moving forward!

4 // Leah’s Blog: Travel and Error

One of my favorite parts about blogging has been the community and collaboration. I’ve loved being able to connect with people, and Leah is one of those wonderful bloggers! She featured LemonadePress this week on her blog, By Travel and Error, you can check out her post here. Thank you so much Leah! You can also see Leah’s post here on LemonadePress Blog on Joy.

5 // Wish List

I love Patagonia’s new Snap Quilt Pullover, however they definitely seem to be running out of stock quickly! (This one is great as well.)

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I’m off for a run and hopefully tackling some work for the upcoming week. Anything fun you’re doing this weekend?!

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