What I’ve Loved This Week

March 31, 2017

Can you believe it’s almost April?! Happy end of March!

It’s been a pretty enjoyable week. We are on Spring Break, and it has been such a blessing to relax. I’ve realized almost every single weekend has been packed with traveling, skiing, visitors, and commitments since the very beginning of January. It has certainly made the time fly by! I have no complaints about any of it, since each weekend has brought something soul-refreshing. Over this break, I’ve loved being able to relax and devote some much needed TLC to LemonadePress. And now I’m loving some time on the beach!

If you have a blog, you may be coming across the problem being that the more you work on your blog, the more work you realize you have to do. Anyone?! The top of my list for April has been to configure Google Analytics and figure out a Newsletter. I’m stoked about both, and will be sharing more as the month goes on!

Some things I found inspirational this week…

  1. I really love Merrick’s DIY Sewing projects. If you hadn’t seen my Instagram story this week, I began a few DIY projects inspired by Merrick’s. Right now one turned out well and the other…well you win some, you lose some!
  2. Bows, Bows, and More Bows!
  3. The perfect (and most comfortable) sandals for Spring/Summer.
  4. Missing Richard Simmons is on the top of my podcast list, if you haven’t heard it, I’d highly recommend it!
  5. San Diego Zoo + Pandas (A Dream Come True)

Whats something you’ve loved this week?? Happy Friday!

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