What I’ve Loved This Week

April 29, 2017

As I’m typing up this post, it is currently snowing. And not just snowing, but snowing more than a few inches! Colorado never fails to surprise its residents. (May need one of these today.)

1 // Definitely needing these tips on taking care of Hydrangeas. (Summer Wind)

2 // This Article makes me fall in love with When Harry Met Sally all over again. (Apartment Therapy)

3 // May need some of these organizing tips for my next trip! (Apartment Therapy)

4 // This has been my go-to show this week because of its rich portrayal of history. (IMDB/Netflix)

5 // Are Millenials in a new version of Hoarders? (The New Yorker) I’m laughing but also looking critically at this.

6 // These stripes in blue scream summer. (Boden)

7 // Spring skirts dress up any shirt. (Loft)

8 // This 40% off Sale makes me want to stock up on my Spring Professional Wear, especially like this and this-I’ve included my favorites below! (Loft)

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