What I’ve Loved This Week VI

August 13, 2016

This week has certainly flown! School is about to start so this past week was running about trying to accomplish everything needed to be done before the school year.

This week has been productive as well in terms of this blog. I feel as I’ve been branching out and interacting more with other blogs, reading about advancing blogs, I’m learning more about the blogging world. Reading about people who live in other parts of the world has definitely made the world feel…smaller. And that’s a good thing! People, in general, have so many things in common and I love being able to see that through blogging!

So here’s What I’ve Loved This Week:

  1. This video of the US Olympic Swim Team doing carpool Karaoke. This definitely made me smile!
  2. If you were watching Michael Phelps prepare for his race against Le Clos this week, you would have seen the look of concentration on his face as he avoided eye contact with his rival. If you weren’t watching it, you may have seen all of these Phelps memes which subsequently went viral!
  3. Congrats to A Beautiful Mess for being named to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!
  4. I love this post from “The Fresh Exchange” on The Most Important Thing About Your 20’s. I still have a few years, but I love her thoughts on being in your 20’s!
  5. I know the N-Sale was a few weeks ago, but I loved what Liz had to say about why she didn’t shop the sale! Budgets and cautious spending are all too important.
  6. I’m not entirely sure what to think about this article…just an interesting commentary on spending.

On Lemonade Press this week:

  1. The Benefits of Bloglovin’ and How to Start Using It
  2. Your{Self}-Care
  3. Olympic Unity

Happy Weekend!


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