What to do in the Waiting

February 9, 2016
Picture from: The Fresh Exchange


So often I find quotes that state the importance of taking the next step on your journey if you’re just sitting around and waiting, or trying something new. However important this is, I think it is also important to recognize that in places in life, we are in a period of waiting.

Whether this be a period of waiting for an important decision to be made, or a time when we’re carefully trying to figure out our next move on the pathway of life, I think the waiting is just as important as the moving forward. In fact, I think the moving forward can only be achieved through waiting.

In today’s day and age, we are used to information being given to us in a moment’s notice. Google it, and it’s there. But what if the answers to our questions aren’t Google-able? And instead we have to wait for our answers?

I’m sure many can relate to this.

While we sit and wait to figure out what our next step to be, often this waiting can be lonely. We see others moving forward in life, while we still calculate our next move.

However, I think it’s important to remember two things…

  1. Patience is a type of action.

I struggle with the times of waiting in my life. I struggled with the period of trying to figure out the best college to attend while I was still in high school. Sometimes I really struggle with just being patient. Period.

2. You’re not alone on this waiting journey.

Through all the waiting games in life, I’ve learned to Trust God while I’m waiting. And as stubborn as I can be, I know giving up the fight to Him strengthens me in this while of waiting. Trust Him. He’s got a good plan for you.

So I encourage those of you who feel like you’re in a period of waiting, to not worry so much. Trust that this portion of waiting and wondering can only keep moving you forward. You’ve got this!



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