Why I Write

November 2, 2015

Earlier in October, I signed up to begin a WordPress Blogging University course where WordPress sends you ideas of what to write each day in November with the hope of giving writers ideas of what to write about. So here goes the first of many posts!

November First’s topic was about “Why You Write”. Perfect.

This past Spring I took a course on Creative Writing, a topic I have a huge passion for. The first essay we wrote was about “Why I Write”. I remember diving in and writing it incredibly quickly. I can’t quite explain how much I love to write, but here are bits of that essay to explain a little bit of it!

Why I Write.

“It is hard to put in to words the reasons why I write. In some ways answering why I write is the same as asking an athlete why they compete or a singer why she sings. I write because I love it. It calls to my soul and it lets me speak.

In the end…I write to speak. In my day to day life, I feel as if I am more useful when I listen. I’d prefer to sit for hours listening to others, knowing how good it is to let others talk. That’s when writing comes in. When I write, I can process through what I am feeling. I can dig deep inside and let the thoughts and words flow.

I write to unleash the feelings left at the bottom of my heart. To release the feelings that have been sinking deep inside, and are only pulled up gradually, out of the abyss, by my scratching pen or the clicking of keys on to a new blank page.

When I write, I love wondering what will fill each new space. Will there be a plot twist? Will I reveal to myself something new and exciting? Will I be able to figure out something else about myself? The page holds a certain mystery that I am eager to discover. I love writing to fill that void of empty space, full of thoughts yet to be fulfilled.

I write because sometimes the poetry and flow of words is hard to attain in speech, and is so much easier to explain and compose on to paper.

There is a beauty in writing. The written word has power. It can be shared, or it can be kept to oneself. The intricacies of thoughts and narratives can persuade and they can convince.

I write to share ideas left unknown. I write to remember dreams down the road, so that when I’m old and gray, I can look back at sets of decrepit journals and Word Documents and remember who I was as a youth. That way I can view those small portions of myself from decades ago, remembering. Because no matter how much the earth changes and the culture shifts, picking up a pen will be timeless.

I write because it makes my soul happy. It makes me feel at peace to see my own words flooding over. I like knowing I made a mark, and I let my voice be heard. Even if those words only fall on clean pages and to minds yet to have read my work.”

Who’d thought that something so simple could bring so much joy?? 🙂

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