Why You Should Seriously Look at Re-Vamping Your Pinterest

January 23, 2017

Remember when Pinterest first came out? For me, it was my freshman year of college and Pinterest was all the rage. My floor mates and I would spend hours, and I mean hours, pinning and re-pinning things. We were entranced by the endless amounts of information and pictures and articles at our fingertips. The new crafts and beautiful wedding gowns held our attentions as we spent our evenings on Pinterest. Now, we didn’t always spend each evening on Pinterest, but it was pretty close. My Pinterest was flooded with images and Pins from years of pinning, and I don’t think I had ever gone through my Pinterest and cleaned it out.

This fall Jenny, from Confetti Social, helped me to update my Pinterest and essentially open my eyes to how truly beneficial Pinterest can truly be for a Blogger or Business. I was amazed at the transformation and growth in readership once the updating was on my Pinterest Board!

I was also amazed at how relevant I could use the Social Media Platform to present my blog content. Throughout this process I learned a key idea about my Pinterest in association with my blog:

Pinterest is a tool to promote your blog.

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of how this Social Media Platform could benefit Lemonade Press. With Jenny’s help, I started uploading images which linked directly back to my blog and re-pinning them. By having a high quality image with a caption or logo on the image, I was able to tell pinners exactly what my posts were about. Before, I didn’t even think about using the images from the actual post to upload and promote whatever article I am publishing.

By thinking in the Mindset of using Pinterest as a Tool, you too can further support your blog/business and bring in more traffic to your site!

If you are interested in re-vamping your Pinterest to gain the most potential out of it, here are a few ways to start:

1 // Begin by de-cluttering your boards and making things more streamlined. 

This means deleting pins from your freshman year of college (cough, cough) as well as boards you may not want other readers to see. I for one realized I did not need too many other people to see my “Sweet Like September” Fall board where I had been pinning pretty pictures of leaves. Since I don’t pin about Fall year-long, it didn’t make sense to have this board. {On the same note, boards can be made private}

2 // Two Words: Business Profile

You’re running a blog, which is in a sense, a business. It’s important to treat it this way and treat it professionally. I’d recommend switching to the Business Profile. This way you can look at analytics and see which pins are being re-pinned the most. This gives you a great idea of what kinds of articles your readers are most interested in and what they are most likely to click on to read.

3 // Connect with Others

Like I said before, connecting and following other bloggers never hurts. Try joining a Group Board to gain more “eyes” on your content.

4 // Actually Pin Things

It definitely helps to actually upload high quality images from your blog. Take the feature image from each of your posts and add captions on it as well as your website to tell what your post is about. Link it to your website and you suddenly have another direct link to your site!

5 // Use Your Tools

There are so many resources in helping you to build your Pinterest up to the standard it needs to be at. Jenny is an incredible resource!

6 // Label Your Boards Clearly

Before, I had weird titles for my boards on Pinterest with titles such as “Country Roads” (Country Music), “Looking Professional in the Classroom” (Work Attire), and several other boards that may have seemed a bit misleading. When you’re looking at your Pinterest, make your boards easy to navigate for your readers.

If you would like further resources for building your Pinterest, check out Jenny’s site! She is so helpful and ever knowledgeable on this topic!

Biggest Thanks goes to Jenny! She is incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with. Her drive and motivation for helping others strategize their Social Media is such a helpful blessing. If you have any further thoughts about utilizing Pinterest, drop a comment below, or contact Jenny!




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