July 10, 2016

happy birthday to you

Happy Saturday everyone! I am so happy it is the weekend. This week has flown by. Hard to believe we’re heading in to the middle of July. (Yikes!)

This is my second week doing WILTW. If you would like to participate, please read below!

I am hosting a weekly blogging event titled, “What I’ve Loved This Week!”(Or WILTW), a large conglomeration of interesting articles, a chance to feature other bloggers, and a fun way to compile information all in one place. This includes favorite blog posts of the week, ways you’ve seen positive outreach in your community, or something inspirational from your week. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it! I would love to see your weekly roundup of items. If you are interested, here are your steps:1.) write your own post of Weekly Roundups 2.) pingbackto this page or my blog, and 3.) I will feature you and some of the items you have featured in your weekly feature on my weekly roundup post on Saturdays. (Please pingback before Saturday AM…you are also welcome to use this header image!)

I can’t wait to hear what stuck with you this week!!

  1. Things from around the web this week:
    1. Brothers Convince Their Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse. This video is hilarious. Two brothers convince their younger sister (after getting her wisdom teeth out) that there is a zombie apocalypse. Too funny!
    2. This is What your famous Movie Weddings Would Cost in Real Life. This one is quite interesting. I was surprised at the cost of weddings such as “Father of the Bride” and “Bridesmaids”.
    3. Famous Novels Retitled as Episodes of “Friends”. If you are a fan of classic literature (or not)…check this one out!
    4. What the Heck is a Bullet Journal. If you haven’t heard of this craze lately it is basically a type of journal combined in to a planner/notekeeper/calendar/to-do list. It looks pretty interesting and I’m tempted to try it out. Any thoughts?
  2. A pretty terrific hike up Mt. Quandary this morning! More on that later. IMG_1688
  3. Spending time canoeing out on the lake with the family. I loved heading out in the water with a six year old. Seeing the world through a whole different set of eyes makes things so enjoyable. IMG_1664
  4. Unique Ice Cream Flavors. I think I’ve had a little too much ice cream lately, but no complaints here. Some of my favorite flavors are the ones that are most unique. From the Inside Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe, the Lavender and Honey is delicious as well as the Minnesota Toffee. IMG_1537


I hope everyone had a terrific week! Happy Weekend!


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