September 10, 2016

Happy Weekend, y’all! I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family this weekend and getting out to enjoy some of this gorgeous Colorado cool September weather!

What I’ve Loved This Week:

1 // First and Foremost, my biggest WILTW has been The Girl Tribe!

I am thrilled to talk about TGT and be apart of its start-up as the Graphics Designer and Contributor for this up-and-coming publication. TGT is a group of girls encouraging you and helping through life, letting you know it is okay to eat cake in the morning. I am loving being apart of this group of strong women. Our start up date is the beginning of October. Until then you can follow TGT on Twitter, InstagramPinterest, and Facebook!


2 // Jennifer’s European Travel Diary

Jennifer’s got some great stories and tips from her travels in Europe with her husband! Her blog has me drooling to adventure sometime soon…

3 // Keeping Your Authenticity as an Online Influencer

It is so important to remain authentic as an online blogger. Summer states things well as to why this is so essential to maintaining a blog.

4 // Instagram Hashtags

Since I have started an Instagram account for my blog, I’ve been learning more and more about the Instagram world. Here are some popular hashtags to make your content discoverable!

5 // What Kids Wished Their Teachers Knew

As a teacher, I know teaching isn’t solely about teaching the kids material, but rather understanding where kids are coming from and how to best help kids thrive. I ended up using the same activity right after I saw this article and it helped me to better understand my students. Always a good thing!

6 // 9 Things No One Tells You About Friendship

A very sweet article from The College Prepster!

7 // Loving this bike and flowers from The Denver Zoo last weekend!

8 // Banana Republic has the stripes game goin strong.

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Happy Weekend!


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