August 27, 2016


I realize I missed last weekend’s WILTW post, but here’s the rundown for this week! (The last week of August…where did the time go??)

This week has been busy! Getting back in to the swing of things for school has meant a new schedule and more commitments! I am thrilled to be back at school and with the kiddos. And this weekend I am looking forward to another wedding of dear friends in the mountains. Can’t wait to see them tie the knot!

This Week’s Loves:

  1. 5 Ways to Organize Blog Post Ideas. I love this post from Meg about ways to organize blog posts. I’ve been starting posts and then saving them as drafts, however, there are several other good ways to organize them.
  2. This Poplin Off-The-Shoulder Top. I first saw this on Carly’s blog, but I love the simplicity and classiness of this top! Truthfully, I don’t recall a time I bought anything from Abercrombie, but I wouldn’t mind this being my first purchase there!
  3. Don’t Write Just To Get Published. A humbling reminder for people to write not solely for money or fame, but write because you love to write.
  4. How I Use My Blog Planner. Thank you Kayla for this! I love her examples of how she uses a blog planner when managing her blog!
  5. Everyone’s Laughing at the British Olympic Team’s Bag Fail. Now that the Olympics are done and athletes are headed home, they have to deal with one more challenge…matching luggage! This picture had me laughing when I saw it.
  6. This mural and story by Story People in Decorah and time with one of my dear friends.
  7. My New Lemonade Press Insta and Twitter Feed!
  8. All packed and ready to move in to this house!this house! Seriously adorable!
  9. My favorite Old Navy Top came just in time for the final warm days of Fall! And perfect for school too!

On Lemonade Press Lately:

  1. Field of Dreams: Recapping our quick jaunt to this famous movie site in Dyersville, Iowa!
  2. A Walk Down Memory Lane: Talking about my journey “home” to my College Alma Mater. What a sweet one it was!
  3. A Place to Retreat. It is way too important to find places to rest!
  4. Deep Conversations. Why not stop and take the time to converse with others?
  5. Study Music. Now that school is starting, its time to get the study music rolling!

Your Turn! Anything on your WILTW List? 

Have a great weekend!



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