With Love for a Postmark

February 23, 2016

I have a confession. I have long been someone who loves the written word. And not just books, but letters. To me, there is something so special about getting something hand written in the mail. It shows a great deal of effort was put in to the letter and the person expressed more thoughts than just the quick whip of a text.

I realize this may sound a little biased as I am writing on an online platform, but I absolutely love postcards and letters.

It’s amazing to look at how far technology has taken us. Within an instant we are connected. With a letter, we have the anticipation of waiting for it to come and then actually being able to hold it when it arrives.

Now a days many movies romanticize letters, and in a way they are. How sweet to receive a permanent statement of someone’s love??

When I was a child, on one of my birthdays I asked for a wax seal kit so I could seal all my thank you notes from my birthday party. It was a rewarding-however long-process after receiving the kit, to sit in the kitchen melting wax and stamping each individual letter. It may have taken longer, but I enjoyed the simplicity of it.

We’ve come a long ways in terms of communication, and some days it’s good to take a look at where we’ve come from.

Anyone else still love the written letters? When was the last time you wrote a letter?



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