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September 19, 2017

Now that school is back in session, I’m loving being able to dress up from what I was wearing all summer-normally a t-shirt with shorts, and now back to dresses and skirts and pants for school.

It’s always fun to come back to school and get dressed up each day, especially when I can now finally pull out my dresses for more than just church or weddings.

So, here’s a quick work-week wear spin on three outfits I wore during the week! I ended up not posting the other two days of this particular work week, as we wore shirts for spirit day.

Outfit 1

I really loved this pink lace skirt from LOFT last season. It’s been fun to pair with stripes or a solid top, and you may have seen it last here. It also pairs so well with this DIY  top! I’ve always been hesitant with pairing two patterns together, and this felt a little bold pairing eyelet polka-dots with stripes, but in the end, I loved it!

Although I couldn’t find my exact outfit, I’m sort of in love with the skirt below. Definitely would also be fun with stripes!

Outfit 2

I’ve loved this dress from Old Navy. It’s been so versatile, and I’ve found I can wear it with just about anything! A good kimono, jean jacket, or with a chunky necklace. It’s paired well with sandals, and I know I’ll wear it well in to the Fall with a blazer, colored jacket, and boots. You may have seen it here with a chunky necklace.

Outfit 3

Even though it’s after Labor Day, I’ve still made it a point to wear my white pants. Especially in this heat, the white pants seem pretty fitting! Even though most of these items are from previous seasons, I’ve still found some similar styles.

Do you have any outfits you gravitate to for the work week?

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