August 12, 2016

Self Care: The Ability to take care of yourself and meet your own needs.

The topic of Self-Care is one I feel very passionate about. You are the person who greets the world each day, interacts with others, and goes out and achieves something all for YOU. You are the one who can make a difference in others’ lives, and if you’re not taking care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of others? You are almost dependent on taking care of yourself for your own good.

Self Care is a topic important enough there have even been studies on it. The famous scientist, Maslow, who created Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, discovered that human needs must be met before a person can fully function in life. Needs such as food, water, shelter, need to be met before happiness can be sustained. These are things you need to take care of yourself. You can’t fully care for yourself unless you are comfortable in life.

Comfortable in life. What does that even mean? Well, how about; what kind of self care will it take before you are comfortable enough to function well?

At the summer camp I worked at for two summers during college, our camp director would talk about Self-Care and devoting an hour each day to making sure that YOU are doing okay. We were given Sabbath time each day to go read, pray, write letters, and take time to be alone. This was time I learned to cherish throughout the summer, because it was the time I seemed to learn the most about myself.


I learned how important it was for me to sit back and listen to how I was feeling. I could take time to not talk to anyone, and I could find the time to write how the day was going. Not all days were full of light-bulb moments about myself, especially days when I realized all I needed was sleep. In the long run, these times helped me discover it is okay to not be social constantly. I learned I needed time outside in order to clear my head. I needed time to pray about things, sit quietly and reflect. I also learned I over think about so many things and this time helped me to reflect and not feel so “cluttered” in my mind.

Often times, I spent my hour outside staring at the mountains. It was beautiful and somehow looking at the mountains made my problems seem a heck of a lot smaller than what they appeared to me. I always walked back after this hour feeling refreshed.

What does it take for you to give yourself self-care?

Often, I have found these things for my own self-care are not found on any social media or television screen. (But maybe that does help you!) For me, I like being able to sit down and think without any distractions. It’s nice being able to sit outside and breathe. Let go of the day and think about tomorrow.

So maybe you don’t have a mountain to sit and stare at for an hour. That aside, have you taken time for yourself each day? I realize an hour is a long time in today’s world, where we seem to be obsessed with being busy, but in the end, I think you’d thank yourself for taking time devoted to you. Take time to sit and read a book. Take time to sit and write, go for a walk without any music or distractions. Reflect on life right now. Set goals. See how you’re actually feeling. Do something that makes you happy.

You are important and you deserve time to take care of yourself.

What are some of the ways you practice self-care?

Happy Friday!







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