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A Little Bit of Everything Gift Guide

December 6, 2017

Sometimes the best gifts are the things you’d never think of buying for yourself, even if secretly you really really would like to splurge on yourself! I don’t know about you, but I seriously love gift-giving. It’s always been such a fun time of year to pick out the perfect gift for people. Here are a few of my favorite items to give people! (Let’s be real…And maybe splurge on myself…??)

1 // If you have been straightening your hair for years (ditto) this is a gift that is both a want and a necessity. Giving the gift of hair care is both practical and appreciated! For someone who straightens their hair on a daily basis, this straightener reduces the effects of heat on the hair shaft by using oil.

2 // Talk about classy! Always up for a good guide to classic style?? Well here’s a good one. A Coffee Table book that is both classy and fun to look through. This hard-cover book makes a great statement piece not only for a library, but fits well in to any home display!

3 // You can never have enough pillows. Especially when the pillows have a bit of whimsy to it. This pillow and this one are sure to delight recipients.

4 // Probably the one earring you will always see me wearing-a pair of pearls from none other than Target. 🙂 Pearls go a long way in making a timeless statement, and these are no different.

5 // This is probably one of my favorite mugs that I’ve had since college, and since then, I’ve gifted them a few too many times (is that even a thing??) A mug is always a good go-to gift, especially one that has a little personality on it. These cute monogrammed mugs are timeless, as are these farmhouse style mugs.

6 // Team, I’ve been in love with this pair of earrings for a while. What a cute idea for a stocking stuffer?! A glitzy pair of statement earrings are sometimes all you need to add a little pzazz and personality. (Even if it’s far out of your comfort zone of things to wear)

7 // To be honest with you, even though the Patagonia Better Sweaters are a wee bit pricey, I still find myself gravitating towards them time after time. I love that this sweater has been timeless and a hit each winter for years. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually decide to take the plunge and buy one for myself! Also, warmth is always a necessity. 

8 // As I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize that candles are some of the best gifts. Not only for their ambience, but so many of the scents are calming and just what people need to relax after a long day. This cute candle adds to both ambience and fragrance!

9 // I feel like I’m constantly pinning outfit posts of Hunter Boots because they are just so darn cute. Maybe I’m being sucked into this world of Pinterest?! Probably. But reallllly…what a cute boot. And such a good gift! Especially because they will last for years. (As they already have. Then again…maybe it’s just time to buy the shoes) Also the colors of the boots…drool.

10 // I know we always talk about the coffee-lover, but what about the tea lover?? This tea kettle is not only cute, but also comes with a tea strainer for loose-leaf tea.

11 // With cold weather comes the need for layers, and who ever has enough scarves? This one is perfect for adding an extra layer and for providing that necessary warmth.

12 // There are some really adorable calendars out there, just in time to ring in 2018. I really love this floral beauty, and I’ve also just invested (key word being invested) in this cute Bon Voyage calendar, perfect for the traveler in your life!

13 // As a college student living in the dorms, recipes weren’t exactly on the forefront of my mind. However, I’ve come to appreciate the recipes and recipe cards that are passed down from generation to generation. I really love how sweet this recipe card box is. Perfect for not only containing recipes, but the memories that go along with them.

14 // Same with bundling up for the winter, these moccasins are a sweet gift to help stay warm this winter. They are durable and comfy, with just the right amount of warmth for those cold winter nights.

15 // Do you remember iHomes back when iPods first came out? It was such a big deal to connect your iPod and be able to listen to it without plugging in ear buds. Technology has certainly come a long ways, and so has sound quality. With all things being wireless now, this little portable speaker is perfect for providing easy access to listening to your music.

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