Coffee Chats: Comparisons

November 23, 2015

Hello! It is so great to see you. Pull up a nice big bowl of kettle corn popcorn and some Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea, and let’s talk real talk. My topic today is comparisons, a topic I’ve taken off from a prompt from WordPress University.


Lately, as I find myself scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest, I find I compare myself and my life to the lives portrayed in the images flashing before me. People going on adventures, hanging out with friends, running marathons, the list goes on.

As I look at these images, the status updates, and the pins of popular clothing, I wonder where I stand on the surface. Am I doing everything I can to have a Facebook-friendly-popular profile?

{To be fair, I have been pretty good about limiting myself to scrolling through News feeds so I don’t constantly do this, but I feel this is an issue that really shapes our society today.}

Looking through those posts make me and I’m sure so many others feel…empty. A little lost. A little uncertain of how to “fit in”. Seeing so many images of what life “should” be like leaves us in a fit of constantly “wanting”. We want the relationship that is picture-perfect, the family that poses neatly for photos, the products that are subtly advertised on the side scroll bar of our screens.

It’s amazing how much technology impacts our life, especially social media, whether we like it or not.

Trends fly by quickly and news is shared in an instant.

Often, I find it important to realize that the lives we see portrayed on social media are only a small portion of real life. There aren’t too many pictures of people grocery shopping, or waiting in line at a store to checkout, or even sitting down to have a tough life-conversation. Those portions of life, those seemingly mundane, not-cool-enough-for-the-internet, are what make up life.

This is why it becomes important to stop comparing yourself to others. You really can’t compare yourself to pictures or words, because it’s just that…pictures and words. In no way do those pictures or words ever truly and fully express the issues that lie under the surface.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media…(hence the blog), but I also recognize the importance of living life to its fullest and figuring out who you are as a person instead of telling yourself you have to live just like those people’s pictures you see online.

I care about you too much to let you do that. Your life is worth so much more than wishing you had the perfect profile. 

Instead, I challenge you…put down the phone, go out and pour that bag of popcorn and a warm drink and sit down with someone. Ask how they actually are and see how you can support them. Those words of affirmation and the time to listen usually go a great deal further than a quick post online. And I guarantee, in a few days, no one will remember your friend’s post about that party, but rather that friend you just sat down to talk to, will certainly remember the love and support shared to them by you. Take part in your life for what it is now and don’t compare your life to what will show up online.


Much Love,


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