Branching Out

June 25, 2016

For a while, I’ve had this idea in my mind to start something new. It’s been with hesitancy and careful observation that I’ve been convincing myself to try out something. I have this large vision for something in the future, and I’m not sure quite what that will be.

Wondering what it is??!

Well, I’m starting small, and I’m creating an Instagram page!

My new Instagram Page is called, Rocky Mountain Collection, with the goal of inspiring others to get outside and enjoy our home in the Rockies.

This all comes from some inspiration I’ve seen on Successful Instagrams and Business Models of emphasizing the lifestyle of a place, and garnering an appreciation for a place.

After spending a great deal of time in the Midwest, I have found more of an appreciation for sitting down and catching up with people, making time for each other. Colorado is known for its scenic views and touristy spots, which brings in visitors, but I love the idea of also creating an appreciation for this place as a homeColorado is more than just a spot for people to come and visit, its a place where so many people call home.


Yes, Colorado has a very active lifestyle, but it is also home to those who love to sit out and watch the sunset after work, go for a hike on a day off, and hit the ski slopes on the weekends. Colorado is home to some pretty wonderful people who care about their state.

Colorado is a place not just for visiting, but it’s a community.

If you are interested in following along, click the logo above! If you are a Colorado Native and would like your pictures to be featured, tag your photos with the hashtag, #RockyMountainCollection.


So…I’m branching out. I’m trying something so far out of my comfort zone I hardly got any sleep after I made this account on Friday I was so nervous wondering if I had done the right thing.

However, I’m reminded that good things often start out small, and I trust that if this is meant to be, He will show me the way.

If you are feeling drawn to starting something completely new, I encourage you to go for it. Start small, have a vision, and see if that can come true. You never know how far that may take you.

Your Turn! Have you done anything lately to push yourself out of your comfort zone? If you have, I would LOVE to hear about it!! Drop a comment below. 


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