Martha’s Vineyard

August 3, 2016


This past week on our Cape Cod Trip, I took a few pictures. As in a few, I mean over 500. I figured I would break up the many pictures in multiple blog posts, because there are just too many to pick from for one post!


One of the days in Massachusetts and Cape Cod we spent taking the Ferry and exploring Martha’s Vineyard!

The Ferry left out of Yarmouth, and took 45 leisurely minutes to travel to this popular destination. As you ride, you pass many of the classic Cape Cod grey-shingled houses, lighthouses, and sailboats.


The Ferry dropped us off right in Oak Bluff, where the well-known Gingerbread Houses are on Martha’s Vineyard.





These Gingerbread Houses came to be when in the 1880’s Methodists held camps on the island. The houses became more elaborate and colorful over time, and are now highly revered on the island.


We continued with our journey on the island by walking around town, and even found the Vineyard Vines shop! (Both of them)


And what day wouldn’t be complete without ice cream?


We took the shuttle to Edgartown, a few miles away. This also passes over the bridge where the movie “Jaws” was filmed!


Edgartown is a bustling little community with historic white buildings, lots of shops, and many hydrangeas.






The island was beautiful! We had wished that we had known of more to do before planning our trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The shopping is pricey because it is an island. In the end, we ended up heading home a little earlier to eat dinner in Yarmouth once we got off the Ferry.

This was definitely a beautiful day spent with friends!

More to come.



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